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Learn from education practitioners

Real-world teachers, administrators, & specialists share their expertise on issues in education





Need more time to complete your coursework?

Provide a $45 extension fee & enjoy an additional 15 days to finalize your assignments.


  • If paid before your course ends, your 15-day timeframe begins immediately after your course end date. 


Course end date→ March 3rd

Extension dates→  March 4​th-18th


  • If paid after your course ends*, your 15-day timeframe begins immediately upon receipt of payment. 


Course end date→ March 3rd

Extension fee received*→ March 16th

Extension dates→  March 16​th-30th

*Must be received within 30 days of the last date of your course

Extension fee: $45.00

Online PLU Courses

PLU Bundles


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Our PLU Bundles

If this is your year to renew your Professional Leader certification, don't worry...we are here to help! 


Our PLU bundles can help you save money.


Here's the process: 

  1. Register for the amount of PLUs you need

  2. We'll email you to determine which courses you'd like to complete

  3. Enroll in the courses in PowerSchool

  4. Begin your coursework


Up to $100 off

3 PLUs Bundle


Up to $150 off

4 PLUs Bundle


Up to $250 off

5 PLUs Bundle

LLP's Registration Fee Policy

All registration fees received are NONREFUNDABLE, but transferrable from course to course (only one (1) transfer allowed per registration fee received).

In order to successfully transfer your paid registration fee from one course to another, you must email us at with the course title for which you registered as well as the course you would like to transfer your registration fee to instead. Registration fees are transferrable BEFORE coursework begins or WITHIN 10 CALENDAR DAYS of beginning a course that you no longer desire to complete.

Note: Only one (1) PLU will be awarded for each registration fee received.

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