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Leadership Laws to Improve Education

Leadership Laws to Improve Education


The purpose of this high-intensity, 45-day professional study is to cause you to reflect on practices and subsequently improve the way you lead in education. This study is based on the content of the book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell. YOU MUST SECURE YOUR OWN COPY OF THE BOOK unless otherwise noted.

Participants must:

-Hold instructional leadership certification in Alabama.
-Have access to a computer with internet connectivity.
-Secure their own copy of the book.
-Create a FREE Canvas account.
-Attend, participate in, and complete Zoom sessions* totaling 9 hours.
-Submit 3 blog posts based on the laws learned in the course.

*Sessions will be provided in a virtual format with two 1.5-hour Zoom sessions each week for 3 weeks or with three 3-hour Zoom sessions each week.


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