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School Trainings

We Provide Engaging Professional Learning Opportunities for Educators & Parents

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Create & increase little people's love for reading with our HAPPY COMPREHENSION program. We provide diverse classroom libraries & embedded professional learning to aid educators in providing engaging literacy experiences for little people in their classrooms. 


Research shows that nearly 40% of students do not read for enjoyment. Allowing little people frequent, in-school opportunities to read interesting books & texts will increase their desire to read leisurely outside of school hours.

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New educators, whether new to the profession or new to a school/district, need mentorship. To retain teachers during an unprecedented teacher shortage, schools and districts must provide the necessary support for teachers to remain in the profession and thrive.

With our Novice Pedagogue Mentoring opportunity, teachers feel appreciated and enjoy professional collaboration with fellow educators who have been in their shoes.

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Online Class

Due to the Covid-19 shutdown and remote learning, parents have a greater appreciation for educators and the great work that teachers and school administrators do on a daily basis with their little people. The difficult experiences for parents enduring remote learning have highlighted their need for more knowledge about their little people's academic requirements.

Our Knowledgeable Parents Consortium offers parents what they need to successfully support their little people's educational pursuits. 

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Moving People

Educators from various educational settings would learn well when given opportunities to collaborate with one another. Whether working in rural, urban, or suburban school settings, when teachers and administrators exchange testimonials and anecdotes, the little people in their schools benefit academically.


Our Andragogy in Motion program matches educators with their colleagues serving in different or similar positions as them, but in a school or district that is unlike their own. The organic professional learning that results remains with them throughout their careers.

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