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Learn from education practitioners

Real-world teachers, administrators, & specialists share their expertise on issues in education

Online PLU Courses

Online PLU Courses

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Standard 1: Planning for Continuous Improvement

Leadership Laws to Improve Education

(Begins every Monday)


Standard 3: Human Resources Development

Teacher Recruitment, Development, & Retention

(Begins every Monday)

Enhancing Administrator & School Counselor Connections

(Begins January 2024)


Should you need an additional 15 days to complete your coursework, provide your $45 extension fee here.

If you need multiple PLUs, see our PLU bundles and example PLU course calendars here.

PLU Course Extensions




Need more time to complete your coursework?

Provide a $45 extension fee & enjoy an additional 15 days to finalize your assignments.


  • If paid before your course ends, your 15-day timeframe begins immediately after your course end date. 


Course end date→ March 3rd

Extension dates→  March 4​th-18th


  • If paid after your course ends*, your 15-day timeframe begins immediately upon receipt of payment. 


Course end date→ March 3rd

Extension fee received*→ March 16th

Extension dates→  March 16​th-30th

*Must be received within 30 days of the last date of your course

Extension fee: $45.00

LLP's Registration Fee Policy

All registration fees received are transferrable from course to course. However, registration fees are NOT refundable

In order to successfully transfer your paid registration fee from one course to another, you must email us at with the course title for which you registered as well as the course you would like to transfer your registration fee to instead. Registration fees are transferrable BEFORE coursework begins or WITHIN 10 CALENDAR DAYS of beginning a course that you no longer desire to complete.

Note: Only one (1) PLU will be awarded for each registration fee received.

Registration Fee Policy

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Our Testimonials

Stack of Books
A.L., Assistant Principal

My experience with Learning Little People was nothing but positive. I was able to network, learn and grow. I can honestly recommend their services to anyone seeking a career advancement in education. It absolutely played a vital role helping me to secure my current position.

Art Class
N.S., 2nd Grade Teacher

Thank you so much for sharing your love and passion for reading. You are shaping the minds of our children and our future. 

Home Grown Squash
S.J.M., Family & Consumer Science Teacher

I've never been in an environment where I felt like it was a safe environment to say what I wanted to say, UNTIL these 3 courses w/ LLP.

Writing on Computer
Dr. C.T., Technology Coordinator

The face-to-face aspect of the LLP PLU's is the REAL Merit of the workshops. You really get to know the participants who are writing in the blogs; therefore, you have meaningful conversations with them.

Classroom Lecture
M.P., 5th Grade Teacher

I have really enjoyed this session. It has taught me a lot about myself--even the study habits :-). This session has enabled me to view myself from another standpoint and allow myself to change for the better. I look forward to the next session and gaining more insight.

High School Friends
B.K., Principal

I don't have the words to thoroughly express how much I have enjoyed this class. Again, this was the best PLU I have ever taken. Thank you to our awesome teachers! I enjoyed hearing everyone's reflection tonight. Thank you so much!

Class Raising Hands
Dr. V.H., 4th Grade Science Teacher

In reality, I hate that the time we spend together has come to an end.  Maybe, some day in the future we will all come together and have a follow up discussions, to see the changes that each of us have made within our lives and in the classroom.

Kids with Backpacks
A.E., 2nd Grade Teacher

This course was so refreshing. Not just because of the timely importance of the topic itself, but because the entire course from salutation to salute was engaging and "interestingly" exhilarating.

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