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Caste Systems Affect the Way We Educate




12 Weeks


Erica Jewel Littleton

Course Instructor(s)

About the Course

The purpose of this 12-week professional study is to bring attention to the effects that racism and castes in America have on its school systems. This virtual book study is based on Isabel Wilkerson's book, Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents. Participants must secure their own copy of the book unless it is provided by LLP.

In this PLU course, participants will learn more about one of the three most notable caste systems in world history, America's "race-based caste pyramid" (Wilkerson, 2021). Participants will explore how castes are perpetuated in their schools, districts, and/or communities and will discover ways to challenge those systems.

Participants will have weekly assigned readings from Caste (up to 40 pages of reading each week) and will be required to complete asynchronous activities using Canvas. Participants must also engage in at least 4 of the 6 biweekly discussions on Zoom with the course facilitators. To receive credit for up to 2 missed Zoom courses, participants must type their responses to the Zoom discussion questions/topics and upload them into Canvas.

-Participants must have instructional leader certification.
-Participants must have access to a computer with internet.

Registration fee Policy

LLP's Registration Fee Policy

All registration fees received are transferrable from course to course. However, registration fees are NOT refundable

In order to successfully transfer your paid registration fee from one course to another, you must email us at with the course title for which you registered as well as the course you would like to transfer your registration fee to instead. Registration fees are transferrable BEFORE coursework begins or WITHIN 10 CALENDAR DAYS of beginning a course that you no longer desire to complete.

Note: Only one (1) PLU will be awarded for each registration fee received.

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