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Efficiently & Proactively Serving Hispanic/Latino School Populations

Efficiently & Proactively Serving Hispanic/Latino School Populations


In this course participants will learn about the Hispanic and Latino populations in the U.S. South and gain the knowledge and tools to be more efficient and engaging with students and families in your school/district. Participants will learn about language laws, data, communication strategies, and cultural backgrounds that can be useful in educators' everyday lives.


Proof of implementation will result as participants submit coursework and activities that relate to the content seen during each session. The participants will be actively researching and creating plans with the tools and information learned. 


This PLU course will be offered completely online and will require 90-minute biweekly Zoom meetings.


Participants must have:

  • Computer access with internet capability
  • A Zoom account
  • A Google Classroom account


Participants will earn one (1) PLU upon successful completion of all course requirements. This course will be offered three (3) years.


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