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Teacher Recruitment, Development, & Retention

Teacher Recruitment, Development, & Retention


The purpose of this professional study is to create more effective leaders who will impact schools and districts positively by evaluating and responding to teacher recruitment, development, and retention issues. Because research shows that the effectiveness of teachers is the single most important determinant in education (Rice, 2003), this study will focus on the recruitment, development, and retention of effective teachers. Increasing the salaries of teachers may lead to increased teacher recruitment and retention. However, there are other factors involved in recruiting and retaining effective educators such as professional development. This course covers topics that are especially needed during Alabama's current teacher shortage.

There are no prerequisites for this course.


Participants must:

Hold instructional leadership certification in Alabama.
Have access to a computer with internet connectivity.
Create a FREE Canvas account.
This 45-day PLU course is offered completely online and will not require any face-to-face meetings. Participants unable to complete all coursework within the specified timeframe will have the option to request an extension of no more than 15 additional days.

This professional study will be offered up to 3 years. Educators who complete all course requirements for this course will receive one (1) PLU.


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