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Discounted Registration Fees

Standard 3: Human Resources Development

Teacher Recruitment, Development, & Retention

(Begins every Monday)

Standard 4: Diversity

Social & Emotional Learning for Leaders

(Begins every Monday)

Caste Systems Affect the Way We Educate

(January 17th - April 10th)

Standard 5: Community and Stakeholder Relationships

Forging Future Leaders: Restoring Classrooms & Communities​​

(January 10th - April 9th)

​Forging Future Leaders II: Implementing Restorative Leadership Tools & Techniques

(April 18th - June 13th)


Standard 6: Technology


​Get in the GAME: Become a Google Administrators​​ Model Educator

(Begins every Monday)

Google Certified Educator Level 1 

(Begins every Monday)

Google Certified Educator Level 2

(Begins every Monday)

Digital Tools for Administrators: Flipping the Staff Meeting

(Begins every Monday)

​Digital Citizenship & Internet Safety​

(Begins every Monday)

Upon completion of your coursework, we will award your PLU in PowerSchool and you will receive a digital badge representing the course that you've completed.

2021 PLU Badges (4).png

Should you need an additional 15 days to complete your coursework, provide your $30 extension fee here.

If you need multiple PLUs, see our PLU bundles and example PLU course calendars here.




Need more time to complete your coursework?

Provide a $30 extension fee & enjoy an additional 15 days to finalize your assignments.


  • If paid before your course ends, your 15-day timeframe begins immediately after your course end date. 


Course end date→ March 3rd

Extension dates→  March 4​th-18th


  • If paid after your course ends*, your 15-day timeframe begins immediately upon receipt of payment. 


Course end date→ March 3rd

Extension fee received*→ March 16th

Extension dates→  March 16​th-30th

*Must be received within 30 days of the last date of your course

Discounted extension fee: $30.00

Discounted PLU Extension Fee
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