Post Pandemic: Using Data Analysis to Navigate the New Leadership Norm


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Dr. Selena Florence & Brenda Dial

Course Instructor(s)

About the Course

Walking into a new school year post-pandemic, where do you start? As educators begin a year that will see many students return to the classroom after long periods of remote learning, this course will assist you with using data-driven instruction and assessment to ensure that the academic needs of all students are being met.

In this course, you will use the book Leverage Leadership to gain instructional knowledge that will assist you as you use data to navigate the school year. You will gain knowledge about the seven levers that drive instruction, assess the current state of data-driven instruction and assessment in your building, observe a veteran administrator as she leads data meetings using the "See It, Name It, Do It" protocol, and build a monthly calendar that will drive data analysis and instruction in your building.

Never before has the challenge to ensure successful teaching and learning been greater. With an intentional focus on data-driven instruction, this course will guide you to use this "super-lever" as the leverage to improve student achievement.

Purchase the digital version of the book Leverage Leadership by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo.

Participants must:
-Have access to the internet.
-Use online platforms such as Google Drive, Flipgrid, and Twitter.
-Have school administration, educational leadership, or instructional leadership certification in Alabama (current or expired).


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