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Digital Tools for Administrators: Flipping the Staff Meeting




60 Days


Eujon Anderson

Course Instructor(s)

About the Course

One of the many tasks instructional leaders face in today's digital world is being able to connect with teachers and parents. The traditional methods of staff meetings and parental convocations are becoming irrelevant and leaders struggle with innovative and creative practices. In this course, you will learn how to "flip" your staff meetings as well as how to apply different digital tools that will help you to become engaging with communicating and collaborating with teachers, parents, and community members. You will learn tools for interactive presentations, digital portfolios, screen capture, and other resources to make your meeting time more beneficial. You will also learn how to create space for professional learning opportunities where both teachers and administrators collaborate together. Prerequisites:
-You must hold instructional leader certification.
-You must have access to a computer with internet connection.

-You must complete online assignments via Canvas.
-You must respond to discussion questions.
-You must create presentations using multimedia.​​

This entire PLU will be online and will not require any face-to-face meetings. Assignments and quizzes will be posted to Learning Little People's eLearning PLU Group in Canvas or Teachable depending on the instructor. After successful completion of this professional study's components, you will receive one (1) PLU. This professional study will be offered up to 3 years.

Registration fee Policy

LLP's Registration Fee Policy

All registration fees received are transferrable from course to course. However, registration fees are NOT refundable

In order to successfully transfer your paid registration fee from one course to another, you must email us at with the course title for which you registered as well as the course you would like to transfer your registration fee to instead. Registration fees are transferrable BEFORE coursework begins or WITHIN 10 CALENDAR DAYS of beginning a course that you no longer desire to complete.

Note: Only one (1) PLU will be awarded for each registration fee received.

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