Changing the way you see​​

Changing the way you see​

Comprehensive Offerings
LLP has extensive experience covering all aspects of Pre-K through 12 education. With our spectrum of services, we support little people, parents, adult learners, teachers, as well as school and district administrators.
LLP's comprehensive offerings include:
Student Learning Opportunities
Summer Enrichment
Test-Taking Strategies Courses
​ACT Prep Courses
Adult Learning Opportunities
Parent Training Programs
Technology Training Courses
Spreadsheet Training Classes
Website Design Classes
Blog Writing Courses
Advertising on Social Media Classes
Professional Learning Opportunities
School/District Trainings
CEU Courses for Professional Certificate Holders
PLU Courses  for Leadership Certificate Holders

ACLD-approved PLUs are offered in the following formats:

  1. Group Sessions
    Scheduled and held at designated locations in a group format.
  2. Online Sessions
    Offered completely online and completed at your own pace.
  3. Onsite Sessions
    Held at the public location of your choice for your convenience.