Changing the way you see​​

Changing the way you see​

Comprehensive Offerings
LLP has extensive experience covering all aspects of Pre-K through 12 education. With our spectrum of services, we support little people, parents, adult learners, teachers, as well as school and district administrators.
LLP's comprehensive offerings include:
Student Learning Opportunities
Summer Enrichment
Test-Taking Strategies Courses
​ACT Prep Courses
Our Current ACLD-Approved PLUs

Teacher Recruitment & Retention

CCRS for School Leaders

Adult Learning Opportunities
Parent Training Programs
Technology Training Courses
Spreadsheet Training Classes
Website Design Classes
Blog Writing Courses
Advertising on Social Media Classes
Professional Learning Opportunities
School/District Trainings
CEU Courses for Professional Certificate Holders
PLU Courses  for Leadership Certificate Holders

ACLD-approved PLUs are offered in the following formats:

  1. Group Sessions
    Scheduled and held at designated locations in a group format.
  2. Online Sessions
    Offered completely online and completed at your own pace.
  3. Onsite Sessions
    Held at the public location of your choice for your convenience.