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Edupreneurial Success: Top 5 Secrets for Building an Empire

Edupreneurship is the way of the future for educators! It may be the answer to the personal success and fulfillment that you've been looking for all along. Becoming an edupreneur is the most effective path to supplement your income and build an empire. When done successfully, you'll achieve your personal, professional, and financial goals.

If that’s what you want, you have to start somewhere. Becoming an edupreneur requires a lot of effort on your part. It may require you to put in additional hours after a day of teaching. Or, you may limit work on your business to the weekends. However much time you invest will determine the amount of money you can earn.

If you have limited edupreneurial know-how, use this checklist to get on the right path:

Determine a business idea. Commit wholeheartedly and for the long haul. This doesn’t necessarily mean putting down financial capital. Make an emotional and educated investment into whatever your business concept may be. Researching your business idea is crucial to success. Is anybody else doing it? What’s the usual market response to similar ideas? How much do others charge for services and products similar to yours?

Identify a target audience. Who wants your product or service? Naturally, you'll need to be able to identify them. It's safe to say that a business without a target audience may not do very well! When you determine your target audience upfront, you can focus on building a marketing plan.

Find ways to start small. It's exciting to have big ideas for your business. But it's also wise to start small. Start researching and designing launch plans, financing, and other key elements to get it going, with plans for expanding as profits allow. Some of today's biggest businesses started as tiny “hole-in-the-wall” operations. For example, Steve Jobs built computers in his garage. This may be the approach for you if it's your first experience with edupreneurship. Your bank might be offering you impressive financing. But do you really need all that startup capital? Keep your head on and only take what you really need. The less debt you have at the onset, the easier it is to see profits.

Think evolution. The businesses with the greatest success are the ones that constantly reinvent themselves. You'll need to have that eye of longevity in order to build a good business model. Your business idea might be for bottled water today. But who says it can't evolve to other bottled beverages tomorrow? This is the kind of thought to put into your startup business.

Get involved in the process. Getting involved in the process can mean a lot of things, depending on the type of edupreneurship. Understand the numbers. The dollars and cents are the main determining factors in how well the business is doing. Stay on top of every aspect of the startup project. It's great to have experts on board, but it's an even better idea to know what they're doing!

At this point, you’re probably already starting to feel excited! Getting your business idea off the ground is a challenging, but rewarding, experience. Once you stick to this general planning sequence, you'll likely pull it off successfully.

Nobody dreams bigger dreams for you than you do! Live those dreams out and create the empire you always wanted. It's yours for the taking.

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