Frequently Asked Questions about
LLP Certification
LLP offers the opportunity for you to become certified to deliver our exclusive professional learning training content. By participating in our certification process, you can become an LLP Certified Facilitator.

7 Reasons to Become an LLP Certified Facilitator

Unboxing Instructional Leadership
PLU Titles:
  1. What Type of Leader Are You: a Multiplier or a Diminisher?
  2. Teaching & Leading Effectively with the Habits
  3. Innovative Leadership Matters
  4. Weaving Strengths into Your School's Culture

Uncaging Instructional Leadership
PLU Titles:
  1. Dynamics of Instructional Leadership
  2. Rigor, Relevance, & Relationships: The Standards of Teaching & Learning
  3. People Matter
  4. Strengths Based Leadership
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    Where is LLP's Train-the-Trainer Symposium located?
    LLP's Train-the-Trainer Symposium will be held at the Birmingham Urban League. The address is 1229 3rd Avenue North, Birmingham, AL, 35203.
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    What is included with the $365.00 registration fee?
    The following items are included in your registration fee: LLP's certification tuition Daily refreshments & lunch during training Program & training materials Course-specific books & articles LLP's ACLD-approved PLU applications The opportunity of a lifetime to network with past, present, and future administra- tors & colleagues
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    Do I need to be an administrator, an educator with administrative certification, or even an educator to become an LLP Certified Facilitator?
    No, you don't need to be an administrator to become an LLP Certified Facilitator nor do you need to be an educator with administrative certification. You do, however, need some type of experience in the field of education to become LLP certified.
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    If I pay my registration fee and I am unable to attend the Symposium for the dates I'd intended, will I receive a refund?
    You will receive a refund, minus the $65.00 non-refundable fee. In the event that you are able to attend a future symposium, your $65.00 non-refundable fee may be applied to the future symposium's tuition at that time.