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Join LLP at the 2017 Mega Conference in Mobile
(you don't need to be a presenter to attend)

For LLP Certified Directors & Facilitators Only

We will spend 4 nights (July 10-13, 2017) at the Renaissance Riverview Plaza Hotel. If you are interested in going, please begin making your 6 monthly lodging payments of $40.00 by Jan. 31st. Depending on the amount of LLP Consultants that will attend, any money paid over the necessary amount will be used to purchase gas cards for all drivers.

Earn $250.00 each time you write an
ACLD-approved PLU application. 
(Payment is paid in full upon approval.)

Why should I attend?
  • Enjoy a mini-vacation
  • ​Earn $1,000.00 or more in 1 week
  • Build relationships with other LLP consultants
  • Recruit downlines to build your business in LLP
  • Taste coastal cuisine that Birmingham doesn't have

LLP's Consultant Subscription
Want perks for the work you do in LLP?

Each consultant is asked to provide a monthly fee of $9.25 (this is an optional subscription). This fee will provide each paid consultant with quarterly LLP items/services such as: 
  • a personal name tag
  • personal business cards
  • ​business apparel
  • ​marketing brochures/flyers
  • individual monthly mentions on social media*
  • ​access to the Birmingham Business Journal online
  • access to Canva.com​​

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*We will only mention if/what you desire. 

When you're ready, begin your $9.25 monthly consultant subscription here:

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