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Allow Learning Little People to coordinate all of your professional learning opportunities and related services. Our session offerings listed below are customizable to your school/district's needs. We even bring complimentary refreshments to your parent, faculty, and district leader meetings.

Engaging Sessions Guaranteed

Teachers As Multipliers, not Diminishers
Educators must lead the students that they teach. What better way to encourage teachers and paraprofessionals to multiply the smarts of their students than to empower them with professional learning created with teacher-leaders in mind. In this session, we will explore the inadvertent ways educators stifle the intelligence of their students although their motives are to encourage creativity in their classrooms.
Highly Effective Teachers
Are your teachers effective at their practice? The answer to this question is important because teachers are on the front lines of education every day. It is imperative that educators understand the simple principles that guide the lives of effective people. In this session, we will discover how seven simple habits can transform the lives of our students by first transforming the lives of our educators.

Useful Learning

Best Practices in Action

Differentiated Instruction
Our students learn in different ways. A typical classroom could have students with varying learning abilities and disabilities as well as students with challenges in behavior. How can a teacher educate all of his students while taking each student's differences into consideration? In this session, we will equip educators with the tools necessary to differentiate instruction daily. We will share practical activities and effective practices to ensure that students consistently receive above-average instruction.
Teaching to Your Expectations
Research shows that students learn best by doing. With this fact in mind, we encourage educators to allow students to frequently practice the procedures and routines that will be expected of them throughout the school year. Is walking on the right side of the hallway in a straight line a procedure at your school? If so, how are the expectations explicitly taught to students? In this session, we empower teachers to teach and model their expectations in an effort to have a smooth and productive school year.

Meaningful Interactions

Teacher Leadership
Team leaders are often thrust into their new positions and expected to lead their teams without proper training or explanation of expectations. We train teachers and help them to see the inner leader within themselves. In this session, we cheer teacher-leaders on and equip them with useful skills to promote collaboration within their teams. 

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Want more information? We'll contact you to learn more about your faculty's professional learning needs. Our customizable courses lend themselves, not only for educational leaders, but also for classified faculty/staff, as well as classroom teachers.