Schools in Texas

With historic devastation after Hurricane Harvey, schools in Texas will remain closed indefinitely. Once the schools reopen, it will reveal that flooding has ruined many of the classroom supplies that teachers often purchase out of pocket. In an effort to avoid additional heartbreak, Learning Little People and Seasons Ministries are leading the charge to bring classroom supplies to the dedicated educators of schools affected by Harvey.

After personally observing the devastation brought on by a  2011 tornado in Pratt City , a neighborhood in Birmingham, Alabama, our CEO, Erica , is committed to helping Texan educators rebuild their learning spaces and classrooms. A fourth grade teacher at South Hampton Elementary School in Pratt City at the time, Erica assisted families who had been evacuated to another nearby school. Although South Hampton experienced little to no structural damage, the homes and apartments surrounding South Hampton were in various states of ruin. When students returned to school almost a week later, Erica learned that there were injuries but thankfully no fatalities of the school's little people. After that experience, South Hampton was awarded a $10,000 grant that Erica applied for on the school's behalf. The additional funds helped South Hampton to provide much-needed after school tutoring for the remainder of the school year.

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