Top 7 Reasons to Become an
LLP Certified Facilitator

​LLP Certified Facilitator

1. Become a better leader
Our Train-the-Trainer Symposiums will not only help you to train others to lead well, but they will also help you grow as a leader. One-on-one coaching will help you hone your presentation skills, as well as your leadership skills.
2. Become an outstanding professional        learning facilitator
With the eclectic talents of our LLP Certified Directors, you will gain more insight on adult learning techniques and audience engagement. 
3. Enjoy flexible scheduling
As an LLP Certified Facilitator, you can create your own schedule and work when you have the time. You'll schedule professional learning sessions to fit your schedule or you can accept sessions that are opened to all LLP Certified Facilitators.
4. Elevate your professional visibility &          exposure
LLP offers opportunities that others could only dream of having. ​We provide a stage throughout Alabama that will cause your expertise to flourish.
5. Get paid & experience professional            learning for FREE!
As long as you are LLP Certified, we will compensate you well. You will also experience ongoing, high-quality professional development at no cost to you. 
6. Glean knowledge from Alabama's                premiere instructional leaders
You will train and facilitate sessions for some of the brightest teacher-leaders and school  administrators in Alabama. Their knowledge shines through in each of our courses.
7. Work directly alongside LLP Certified      Directors who are expert facilitators        & PLU writers themselves
After your certification, our one-on-one coaching opportunities will provide you with unending access to the minds of our Certified Directors. Once you  become a member of the LLP team, you will also learn how to write high quality profes- sional learning plans.