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Enhancing Vocabulary Instruction
Standard 2: Teaching & Learning

Written by Angela Smith
Participants must: 
  • hold instructional leader certification. 
  • have access to a computer with internet connection. 
  • complete online assignments via Canvas. 
  • respond to discussion questions. 
  • create presentations using multimedia.

The purpose of this 30-day professional study is to create more effective leaders who will impact schools and districts positively by enhancing vocabulary instruction. Increasing the vocabulary knowledge of young adolescent and adolescent students has been a focal point of 
educational research and many teacher professional development initiatives. Yet many teachers continue to use traditional, but generally ineffective, methods of classroom-based vocabulary instruction. Synthesizing the literature around the general topics of vocabulary instruction, classroom discourse, and teacher talk, this PLU provides a comprehensive and critical examination of instruction that supports vocabulary learning in older students with a particular focus on practices that promote productive discussions of content.  

This entire PLU will be online and will not require any face-to-face meetings. A video, article, assignment, and/or quiz will be posted daily to Learning Little People's eLearning PLU Group in Canvas. After enrolling in the course in Canvas, you will have up to 30 days to complete each post's requirements. After successful completion of this professional study's components, you will receive one (1) PLU. This professional study will be offered up to 3 years. After successful completion of this professional study, participants will receive one (1) PLU.