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Bloom's Taxonomy vs. Webb's Depth of Knowledge
Standard 2: Teaching & Learning

Adopted by Erica J. Williams, NBCT
Suggested Prerequisites: 
  • Participants must hold a current Alabama Education Administrative/Leadership Certificate.  
  • Participants must have internet access and create a Canvas account.

Since arriving in the 21st century of learning framework and the age of 

Common Core, educators are faced with the task of providing students with a rigorous and relevant education which includes: problem solving, critical thinking, problem solving, reasoning, analysis, interpretation, and synthesizing information.

Webb’s Depth of Knowledge allows teachers to create more cognitive, complex, and engaging lessons for their students daily. Webb’s DOK is a way for educators to think about content complexity, not difficulty. Likewise, Bloom’s Taxonomy represents a continuum of increasing cognitive complexity—from “remember” to “create.”

Participants who completes all coursework will earn 1 ACLD PLU. This PLU will expire in three years.


  • explore Bloom’s Taxonomy levels
  • understand Webb’s DOK Levels
  • use Bloom’s Taxonomy to plan instruction
  • design formative and summative assessments with Webb's DOK