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Rigor, Relevance, & Relationships: The Standards for Teaching & Learning
Standard 2: Teaching & Learning

Adopted by Erica J. Williams, NBCT
Suggested Prerequisites: 
  • The learner must hold Instructional Leadership Certification.
  • The learner must have access to a computer with internet connection.


The purpose of this professional study is to cause educational leaders to reflect upon the correla-

tion between rigor, relevance, and relationships. This study is based on the content from the International Center which created the Rigor/Relevance Frame-work™ in the early 1990s for teachers to use to examine curriculum and plan instruction and assessment. (Each participant will have access to all researched based articles and a reflection journal.)

  • You must attend, participate in, and complete 9 weekly face-to-face training sessions OR 3 full-day Saturday OR 3 full-day summer sessions.
  • You must complete ongoing professional reading and journal reflections.

After successful completion of this professional study, participants will receive one (1) PLU. This professional study will be offered up to 3 years.

No late registration permitted.