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Tutoring for all Grades and Skill Levels
Our certified teachers enrich little people every day of the week. They know how little people learn best and they customize all half-hour and one hour sessions according to the individual needs of the little people. In addition, we ensure our programs are aligned with Alabama's college and career readiness standards. Parents are apprised of what happens in each tutoring/enrichment session.

Training for Educators at all Levels 
Our LLP Certified Facilitators train educators from classified staff and classroom teachers to school administrators and district leaders. As a provider of ACLD-approved PLUs , we create and facilitate professional learning opportunities that fit the needs and schedules of Alabama's educators. Online and face-to-face sessions are available for our CEU and PLU session options.

  1. Group Sessions
    Scheduled and held at designated locations in a group format.
  2. Online Sessions
    Offered completely online and hosted through Edmodo.com.
  3. Onsite Sessions
    Held at the public location of your choice for your convenience.
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